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A: When she first went into hospital, the doctors couldn’t get her dosage right. They gave her two anti-diabetic pills per day, which drastically reduced the blood sugar level. She felt drowsy and started to twitch. The doctors told us to give her fruit juice and candies to keep her from passing out.

B: It seems weird you would have to give things like that to people with kidney failure.

A: 一開始住院的時候,醫生沒辦法拿捏藥物的劑量,一天給外婆吃兩顆降血糖的藥,反而讓血糖降得太快,導致她一直想睡,甚至身體抽搐。醫生要我們餵她喝果汁跟吃糖,讓她不會因為血糖過低而昏迷。

B: 你們餵腎衰竭的患者吃這些東西,也不是件好事。

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