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A: Last month gran threw up during a Mother’s Day family get-together. We rushed her to ER. A urine test revealed high levels of creatinine and the doctor said she should be hospitalized immediately.

B: Creatinine is a waste product of muscle metabolism. The blood transports it to the kidneys and it is passed out in the urine. If the kidneys aren’t functioning properly, it can build up.

A: 上個月母親節聚餐的時候外婆吐得很嚴重,我們只好趕快帶她去急診。結果尿檢結果顯示,肌酸酐數值超高,醫生馬上就要她住院治療。

B: 肌酸酐是身體肌肉活動代謝的產物,經由血液送到腎臟,隨著尿液排出。腎功能不好的話,數值就會很高。

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