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Long Dragon Boat Festival weekend to begin
吃粽子、賽龍舟 端午連假明日起展開

Volunteers at the Renai Senior Citizens’ Home in Nantou County make zongzi on May 29. They made a total of 8,500 zongzi together for the disadvantaged this year.

Photo: CNA

To mark tomorrow’s Dragon Boat Festival, a number of charity organizations — including the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families, the Renai Senior Citizens’ Home and Huashan Social Welfare Foundation — have enlisted volunteers to make tens of thousands of glutinous rice dumplings wrapped in bamboo leaves, known as zongzi, for the disadvantaged across the country.

To boost sales of zongzi on the holiday, Taipei’s Nanmen Market last week hosted a special “100 zongzi banquet” featuring 100 varieties of the wrapped dumplings. Of these, Li Jia’s Huzhou zongzi were voted the nation’s No. 1 in a survey, while Shanghai Hoshing’s version, made with Singleton whisky, proved very popular.

The 2019 Taipei International Dragon Boat Championship will take place at the Dajia Riverside Park between tomorrow and Sunday. In celebration of Taiwan’s legalization of same-sex marriage, the “Rainbow Punch” dragon boat team, formed by a group of gay men, is set to join the race, and will be inviting LGBT people and their supporters to cheer for them during the races.

(Eddy Chang, Taipei Times)






1. charity adj.

慈善 (ci2 shan4)

2. glutinous rice phr.

糯米 (nuo4 mi3)

3. whisky n.

威士忌 (wei1 shi4 ji4)

4. dragon boat phr.

龍舟 (long2 zhou1)

5. punch v.

重擊 (zhong4 ji2)

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