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A: But I don’t listen to classical music, so I have no need for that information.

B: Hmm, but you like K-pop and Taiwanese indie bands, don’t you?

A: That’s right and their album packaging is very special, but I only need the music.

B: You miss so much if you only listen to streaming music or digital files.

A: 但我沒有聽古典音樂,所以我並不需要這些資訊呀。

B: 嗯,你喜歡韓國流行音樂還有台灣的獨立樂團吧?

A: 對啊,他們的專輯包裝是很特殊沒錯,但我只需要音樂而已。

B: 如果你只聽串流或數位檔案,那就錯過太多啦。

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