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A: I’ve just found my old chess board. I haven’t played in ages.

B: That looks like an expensive board. The chess pieces are beautifully carved.

A: Yes. They were carved in ivory and ebony wood, in the style of figures from the English Civil War.

B: I used to play chess, in another lifetime. I imagine I’m a bit rusty now.

A: 我剛剛找到我的舊西洋棋盤耶,幾百年沒有玩了。

B: 哇,那看起來是個很昂貴的棋盤哦。棋子都雕得很美麗。

A: 是啊,它們是用象牙和黑檀木雕的,棋子風格來自於英國內戰的人物。

B: 我以前也會下西洋棋,大概是上輩子吧。我想現在技巧應該生疏了。

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