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A: Now this is interesting: A pair of old boxing gloves.

B: Those belonged to Uncle Jack. He was quite good, but his fiance made him promise to give it up. She was worried he might get hurt.

A: And she became his wife?

B: No, they split up, but he never got back into it. I suppose he’d lost interest.

A: 哇,這個就有趣了。一雙舊的拳擊手套耶。

B: 那雙曾經是傑克舅舅的。他以前真的很厲害,但那時的未婚妻要他答應放棄拳擊,畢竟她擔心舅舅會受傷。

A: 然後她就成為舅媽了嗎?

B: 沒有,他們後來分手了,但舅舅也沒有再回去打拳擊,我想他已經沒興趣啦。

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