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A: Wow. You can tell you hardly ever use this room. The air’s all musty.

B: Yeah, I hope you don’t have asthma. The dust and mold might set you off.

A: I’ll use this face mask to keep the dust out. Is that a rocking horse?

B: In the corner there? Yes. A blast from the past. I used to play on that when I was a boy.

A: 哇,可以感覺到你幾乎沒有在用這個房間,空氣全都是霉味。

B: 是啊,希望你沒有氣喘,不然灰塵跟黴菌可能會讓你發病。

A: 我會戴上口罩來阻擋灰塵。咦,那是搖搖馬嗎?

B: 你說在角落的那個嗎?是耶,過去的記憶全都湧現了。我還是小男孩的時候曾經騎在上面玩。

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