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A: I just opened this month’s credit card bill. It has a pie chart on it, showing the different percentages of various spending categories.

B: Mine has that, too, but I don’t bother with it.

A: Why not? What kind of things do you pay for?

B: It’s all entertainment stuff, like movie tickets or online shopping. How about you?

A: 我剛剛打開這一期的信用卡帳單,上面有一個圓餅圖,顯示不同消費類型所佔的比率。

B: 我的帳單上也有,但我不想去理它。

A: 為什麼?你都是刷卡買什麼東西?

B: 都是娛樂開銷啊,例如說電影票或是網路購物。你呢?

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