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A: Whenever a new TV series or movie comes out, loads of people get angry because of spoilers.

B: I’m often reading online about things I want to watch, it’s a real pain.

A: Last time we finished watching the <>, one of the audience came out and said: “Damn, so-and-so died.”

B: Yeah, I remember. He was booed by the people waiting for the next showing, ha.

A: 每次有新影集或新電影上映時,很多人就會因為別人爆雷而大發脾氣。

B: 我上網也常會不小心看到跟劇情相關的消息,真的很煩。

A: 我們上次看完《復仇者聯盟》,有觀眾一走出來就說:天啊,那個誰竟然死了。

B: 我記得,結果他就被等候下一場的觀眾噓了,哈哈。

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