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A: Easy. Wait til this season is over and then tidy up the roof. Hang your clothes to dry up there, plant some flowers, and the nightjars will see human activity and not build nests there.

B: Cool. My apartment roof is perfect for plant pots and drying clothes.

A: If all goes well, next year you’ll have turtle doves building nests instead.

B: Oh, for heaven’s sake.

A: 很簡單呀,你等這段時間結束以後好好整理頂樓,在樓上曬衣服或種花,夜鷹看到人類活動就不會來築巢。

B: 聽起來不錯,我家頂樓很適合曬衣服跟大型盆栽。

A: 如果順利的話,明年春天就會換斑鳩去你的盆栽築巢。

B: 我的天啊。

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