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A: How should I use the sniffer cup?

B: Hold the sniffer cup up to your nose and appreciate the fragrance. Next carefully pour the tea from the sniffer cup into your tea cup, then place the empty sniffer cup under your nose and smell again.

A: Wow, the honey aroma is really intense.

B: The aroma intensifies as the tea evaporates off the porcelain.

A: 我應該怎麼使用這個聞香杯啊?

B: 把聞香杯拿到你的鼻子前面,感受一下那股香氣。接著小心把茶從聞香杯倒進茶杯中,然後把空的聞香杯拿到鼻子前面,再聞一次香氣。

A: 哇,那個蜂蜜的香味真的好強烈哦。

B: 這股香氣會變強,是因為茶從瓷杯中蒸發的關係。

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