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A: You really need a credit card. It can help you manage your outgoings.

B: How? I’ve always thought you’re more likely to spend money if you have a credit card.

A: Well, for example, you can buy many products nowadays with interest-free instalments. You don’t need to spend a lot of money in one go, so you can continue putting savings away.

A: 你真的需要一張信用卡,它可以幫助你管理自己的支出。

B: 怎麼說?我一直以為,如果有信用卡的話,反而會花更多錢?

A: 嗯…比如說,現在很多商品都可以用信用卡分期付款,還免利息。你就不用一次付太大筆的款項,可以繼續維持存錢的習慣。

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