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Seungri and other K-pop stars quit showbiz
醜聞影片衝擊 勝利等韓流男星引退

Seungri, center, of boyband BIGBANG, bows upon arrival at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency in Seoul, South Korea on March 14.

Photo: AP

More male K-pop stars quit showbiz last week as a scandal over illicit sex videos continues to snowball across South Korea’s music industry. Yong Jun-hyung of boyband Highlight and Choi Jong-hoon of boyband FTIsland announced their retirements for watching or sharing the sex videos, while Lee Jong-hyun from boyband CNBLUE also issued an apology.

Earlier last week, singer Jung Joon-young was questioned by police for secretly filming women having sex with him and then sharing the videos with other entertainers in online chat groups. Seungri from boyband BIGBANG was also questioned for his involvement in the case, and has been accused of supplying prostitutes to business investors at his nightclub “Burning Sun.” Jung and Seungri have also announced their retirements from showbiz.

Seungri’s withdrawal has put BIGBANG’s future at stake. After dominating the music industry for over a decade, the band has been hit by a succession of scandals in recent years. Work has been put on hold, with the other four members currently doing their military service.

(Eddy Chang, Taipei Times)


在上週稍早時,歌手鄭俊英因非法偷拍女性和他的性愛影片,並與聊天群組中其他藝人分享遭到警方偵訊。天團BIGBANG的勝利亦因此案牽連遭到警方訊問,他還被指控曾為自己的夜店「Burning Sun」投資人招妓,他們兩人均宣布引退。




1. scandal n.

醜聞(chou3 wen2)

2. snowball v.

滾雪球(gun2 xue3 qiu2)

3. accuse v.

指控(zhi3 kong4)

4. withdrawal n.

退出(tui4 chu1)

5. at stake phr.

危急 (wei2 ji2)

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