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A: So, what happens when you eat peanuts?

B: I get a rash, my lips swell up and my throat constricts. Some people get other allergic reactions, too, such as hives, sneezing or abdominal pain.

A: So, it’s just an unpleasant reaction, then.

B: Oh, no, in some cases it can also be life-threatening.

A: 那你吃到花生會怎麼樣?

B: 我會起疹子,嘴唇會腫起來,喉嚨也會緊縮。有些人則會有其它過敏反應,像是蕁麻疹、打噴嚏或是肚子痛。

A: 啊,所以就只是不舒服的反應。

B: 不只是不舒服啦,在某些個案中還會有生命危險。

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