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A: I’d be interested in knowing how she organizes the plot of her novel, if it takes years to organize.

B: She said she writes plot points and dialogue on cards and then tapes them to the wall. To make a connection between them, she runs string between the cards. To abandon a plot point, she just discards the card. Occasionally, she steps back and looks at the wall, and adjusts things.

A: 如果要花上好幾年,我倒是有興趣聽她如何組織她小說中的情節。

B: 她說,她會在卡片上寫上情節重點和對話片段,然後貼在牆上。如果想讓這些片段產生關聯,她就會用一條線穿過相關的卡片。如果想要放棄某個情節重點,她就會直接丟掉卡片。她就是往後站幾步,盯著牆看,偶爾調整這些東西。

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