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A: Chocolate is also known as cocoa, which comes from the Spanish word “cacao.” Over 3,000 years ago, Mayans and Aztecs, in present day Mexico and Central America, began to cultivate the cocoa tree.

B: How did they eat it?

A: Actually they drank it: cold and flavored with spices.

A: 巧克力又稱為可可亞,源自於西班牙文的「cacao」這個字。三千多年前,馬雅人和阿茲特克人在今天的墨西哥和中美洲地區,開始栽種可可樹。

B: 他們當時是怎麼食用可可的啊?

A: 其實他們是用喝的:冷卻後加入香料調味。

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