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A: The fourth and fifth days are about welcoming the God of Wealth. Many stores open today.

B: We prayed to him yesterday, today we should clean the house and throw out the garbage.

A: After I’ve cleaned the house, I can shower. Traditionally, washing is a no-no during the break.

B: Couldn’t you bend the traditions? Not showering for five days is a bit much.

A: 初四初五都是迎財神,很多店家今天都開門了。

B: 既然我們昨天已經去拜過財神,今天就來打掃家裡跟倒垃圾吧。

A: 好啊,打掃完以後我正好可以去洗澡,習俗說過年期間不要洗澡。

B: 你可不可以折衷一點。五天沒洗澡也太可怕了吧。

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