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A: It’s the second day of the new year. I will visit my grandparents. You coming?

B: Sure. Where are your grandparents from, originally?

A: My grandfather is from Shandong, my grandmother from Jiangsu. They met and got married in Taiwan. This year is their 60th anniversary. I’m giving them more than usual in their red envelope this year.

B: You’re a good grandson to them.

A: 今天初二,我要去拜訪外公外婆,你要一起來嗎?

B: 好哇,你外公外婆是哪裡人呀?

A: 外公是山東人、外婆是江蘇人,他們在台灣認識結婚的,今年是他們結婚六十週年,我準備了一個大紅包。

B: 你真的是孝順的外孫耶。

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