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A: I forgot: we’re not supposed to cook on New Year’s Day.

B: That just means you can’t make new dishes. Eating leftovers from New Year’s Eve means food was plentiful last year, and will continue to be this year.

A: So, heating something up or cooking it in different ways doesn’t count.

B: That’s right. So let’s cook the fish head casserole.

A: 啊,可是我忘記我們家大年初一不開火了。

B: 那是指不煮新的菜餚,吃除夕剩下的菜餚,象徵去年的東西吃不完,今年還有剩。

A: 哦,那重新烹煮應該就不在此限了吧。

B: 沒錯,我們來煮砂鍋魚頭吧。

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