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A: Bag up the garbage and kitchen waste. It’s the last day for throwing out the garbage.

B: You don’t eat fish on New Year’s Eve; why’s that fish on the table?

A: It might go off; we fried it today, and will put it in the fridge and make fish head casserole tomorrow.

B: Cool. There’s cabbage, tofu, straw mushrooms and winter noodles in the fridge.

A: 你去把垃圾跟廚餘打包一下,今天除夕是收垃圾的最後一天哦。

B: 我知道除夕晚上不吃魚,那餐桌上那條魚怎麼辦?

A: 為了怕變質,我們今天是用炸的,等它冷了收進冰箱,明天來做砂鍋魚頭吧。

B: 哇太好了,冰箱裡面正好有大白菜、豆腐、金針菇跟冬粉。

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