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Convenience stores go head-to-head for ‘lazy bones’ New Year dinner trade
懶人圍爐夯 超商業者估年菜業績成長兩成

A woman makes an order from FamilyMart’s food preorder Web site.

Photo courtesy of FamilyMart

As we enter the final countdown to the Lunar New Year, convenience stores are vying with each other to grab a slice of the “couch potato” family reunion dinner business. As well as selling high quality, competitively-priced combination meal sets, convenience stores have also teamed up with popular stores and Michelin-starred restaurants to offer a range of New Year dishes.

With less than a month to go until the Lunar New Year break, many people are already busily snapping up New Year products in preparation for the New Year family get-together. According to Uni-President Enterprises, which operates the 7-Eleven convenience store chain, preorders for New Year dishes are gradually building to a peak, while with the added effect of low temperatures, in the coming two weeks the company expects preorders for New Year dishes and hotpot ingredients to increase substantially.

Uni-President says that hotpot ingredients from popular resturants, New Year dishes and Michelin-starred restaurants have all been well received by the public. Popular dishes include Chinese cabbage stewed in a seafood-flavor soy sauce by Leofoo Hotel, Dongpo pork belly by The Landis, Taipei and Spicy Hotpot soup bases made by various popular brands.

Through its own research, the company has discovered that customers in the south of Taiwan prefer to order products from popular brands only available in the north, with spicy hotpot a favorite choice. Taihodien, Top One Pot and Old Sichuan are the top three best-sellers, and Uni-President says it has sold a total of 10,000 spicy hotpot products from these three brands.

Taiwan’s other top convenience store chain, FamilyMart, is catering to small families by offering meal sets for small groups.Wang Chi-cheng, director of FamilyMart’s loyalty member and e-commerce promotion department, says that total business during this year’s Lunar New Year holiday period is forecast to grow by around 20 percent.


1. couch potato phr.

懶人 (lan3 ren2)

2. high quality, competitively-priced phr.

高CP值 (gao1 CP zhi2)

3. team up with phr.

攜手 (xi1 shou3)

4. New Year dish phr.

年菜 (nian2 cai4)

5. snap up phr.

採買 (cai4 mai3)

6. family get-together phr.

圍爐 (wei2 lu2)

7. chain n.

連鎖 (lian2 suo3)

8. preorder n.

預購 (yu4 gou4)

9. cater to phr.

迎合 (ying2 he2)

10. enter into partnership with phr.

與… 合作 (yu3… he2 zuo4)

FamilyMart has entered into a partnership with popular restaurants, personalities and chefs to produce its first wave of preorder New Year dishes, comprising a total of 100 items including assorted cold dishes stewed in soy sauce, picked cabbage and pork soup base and braised beef soup from celebrity artist Shao Hsin’s restaurant, and medicinal herb chicken soup cooked with huadiao wine and Sichuan pepper spicy hotpot made with pork cartilage on offer from celebrity chef Wu Ping-cheng.

(Translated by Edward Jones, Taipei Times)








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