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A: Please empty all water bottles, toiletries must be presented in a clear plastic bag and no liquids over 100ml.

B: Do I need to put my bag in this tray?

A: Yes. Remove your belt and boots, and place them with your jacket, watch and any metal objects such as keys and coins in the tray.

B: How mortifying. I’ve got holes in my socks.

A: 請將所有水瓶清空,盥洗用品必須放在透明塑膠袋內,並請勿攜帶超過一百毫升的液體。

B: 我需要把手提行李放在這個托盤上嗎?

A: 是的,請脫下您的皮帶和皮靴,並把它們跟您的外套、手錶,以及包括鑰匙、零錢等任何金屬物品放進托盤中。

B: 這實在太羞愧了啊。我的襪子破洞了。

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