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A : Do you usually have a real Christmas tree in your home?

B : Yes, every year. Compared with an artificial tree, it looks much nicer and smells very fragrant too.

A : Is it a hassle to look after?

B : Not really. You just have to remember to saw a thin slice off the bottom of the trunk when you get it home and keep the stand topped up with water every day.

A : 你通常會在家裡擺一棵真的耶誕樹嗎?

B : 會呀,每年都會。比起人工的假樹,真的樹看起來美多了,而且聞起來很香。

A : 照顧那棵樹會很麻煩嗎?

B : 其實不會。你只要記得,買回家以後把樹幹底部鋸掉薄薄的一片,然後每天都在樹盆裡加滿水。

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