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A : Much of the material used in the documentary was of soldiers training and in the trenches.

B : I guess it was originally shot for propaganda newsreels.

A : Yes, of the type that would have been played in movie theaters between movies.

B : And now it is being given new life as a valuable historical record.

A : 這部紀錄片裡面用到的影片素材,大部分都是士兵進行操演,以及壕溝裡的影像。

B : 我猜這些原本是為政治宣傳而拍的新聞影片吧?

A : 沒錯,就是電影院會在電影放映之間播放的那類影片。

B : 這些影片現在被給予了新的生命,成為珍貴的歷史紀錄。

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