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A: Remember to always ask the customer if they want to adjust the amount of sugar and ice in their drink.

B: OK. If the customer is a foreigner, should I speak English?

A: Many foreigners speak good Chinese or want to practice, so it’s best to start out with Chinese.

B: OK good. Anyway, my English is quite rusty.

A: 記得一定要問顧客,他們飲料裡糖和冰的量要不要調整。

B: 我會的。如果顧客是外國人,我應該要講英文嗎?

A: 許多外國人中文都很好,也可能想要練習,所以最好先講中文。

B: 好的沒問題。畢竟,我的英文有點荒廢了。

English 英文:

Chinese 中文:

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