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Classic ‘Farewell My Concubine’ to hit screens again
《霸王別姬》粉墨登場 影壇經典再現

Zhang Fengyi, left, as the king and Leslie Cheung as the concubine in a still from Farewell My Concubine.

Photo courtesy of Applause Entertainment Ltd

Farewell My Concubine, produced by Taiwanese actress Hsu Feng and filmed by Chinese director Chen Kaige, is the only Chinese-language film to win the prestigious Palme d’Or, the highest prize awarded at the Cannes Film Festival. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of its 1993 release, the digitally-restored version is set to hit the screens in Taiwan tomorrow.

The film tells the fascinating story of two actors — Cheng Dieyi (played by Leslie Cheung) and Duan Xiaolou (Zhang Fengyi) — who grow up together at a Beijing opera troupe. Their hit show is the play “Farewell My Concubine,” in which Cheng plays the concubine and Duan plays the king. Cheng’s love for Duan is later tested by a woman as well as the outbreak of the Cultural Revolution.

The film also made it to the All-Time 100 Movies list compiled by Time magazine. The other three Chinese-language classics on the list include the 1971 film A Touch of Zen, and Chungking Express and The Legend of Drunken Master II, both from 1994.

(Eddy Chang, Taipei Times)






1. concubine n.


(ji1 qie4)

2. digitally adv.


(shu4 wei4 de5)

3. Beijing opera phr.


(jing1 ju4)

4. outbreak n.


(bao4 fa1)

5. Cultural Revolution phr.


(wen2 hua4 da4 ge2 ming4)

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