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A : That photo is a bit dark. Is it underexposed?

B : Well, yes. The light from the window fooled the exposure meter. No problem, I’ll just bring the exposure slider up.

A : Can you bring it up some more? The room is still a bit dark.

B : I can, but I don’t want to blow the highlights outside the window too much.

A : 那張照片怎麼有點暗,是不是曝光不足?

B : 啊,對耶。窗戶投射的光線可能讓測光表產生誤差。沒問題,我來把曝光度的滑杆調高一點。

A : 你可以再往上調嗎?房間看起來還是有點暗。

B : 是可以呀,但我不想要因此失去窗戶外面明亮部分的細節。

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