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A: So I’m guessing the man seated at the table is your grandfather?

B: That’s right. He was a quiet man. He supported a large family on a modest salary working for the railway.

A: He must have been devoted to his family.

B: Yes, but he was very traditional. Dad tells me he believed children should be seen and not heard.

A: 所以我猜,坐在桌子旁邊的就是你爺爺囉?

B: 沒錯。我爺爺是個沉默寡言的人。他用鐵路局上班的微薄薪水支持一整個大家庭。

A: 他一定是把自己奉獻給他的家庭了。

B: 是啊,但他也很傳統。我爸跟我說過,爺爺總是認為小孩要有規矩,少說話,就是囝仔人有耳無嘴。

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