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A: There are certain topics that you should avoid: age, income or wealth, family issues, religion, medical problems and love affairs are some.

B: Oh, I don’t know. In some countries it’s acceptable to enquire about age, income or religion.

A: True, but you still risk making people feel uncomfortable.

B: It’s best to avoid politics. That’s the fastest way to create an argument.

A: 有些話題應該避免:例如年齡、收入或財富、家庭問題、宗教信仰、個人疾病、以及情感關係。

B: 我不確定耶。在某些國家,詢問年齡、收入或宗教是可以被接受的。

A: 確實如此,但你仍然會冒著令人不快的風險。

B: 最好避免討論政治。這是最快產生爭論的話題。

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