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Lose weight by changing your mindset
用想的也能瘦? 減重效果倍增

Entertainer Karen Hu, having lost 37kg in weight, reveals her diet secrets at a charity event on June 20 in Taipei.

Photo: Nien hsiang-wan, Liberty Times

Overweight people may be able to lose 10 times more weight using “Functional Imagery Training” (FIT) than those treated using “motivational interviews” (MI) alone, shows a new study led by Linda Solbrig, a PhD researcher at the University of Plymouth in the UK. FIT refers to an approach that uses mental imagery to motivate behavior change.

The FIT group involved dieters boosting their motivation levels through visualizing how great things would feel, taste and smell, and how much better one might look, if one were thinner, and another group receiving MI therapy alone. The results showed that the FIT dieters lost 6.44kg and 9.1cm off their waists after a year, while MI dieters only lost 0.67kg and 2.46cm off their waists on average.

In recent years, mental imagery techniques have also commonly been used by athletes to improve their performance. Several years ago, a similar study, conducted by Ohio University in the US, found that such imagery exercises can prevent the loss of muscle strength after a period of nonuse.

(Eddy Chang, Taipei Times)





1. overweight adj.

過重的(guo4 zhong4 de5)

2. imagery n.

想像(xiang3 xiang4)

3. motivate v.

激發(ji1 fa1)

4. dieter n.

減肥者(jian3 fei2 zhe3)

5. visualize v.

設想(she4 xiang3)

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