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A: This book is fascinating. It’s a 1950s Japanese photographic essay by Yukichi Watabe. It’s called "A Criminal Investigation."

B: I’ve read it. He was granted special permission to document a murder inquiry in Tokyo.

A: Yes. It’s a shame the detectives didn’t manage to solve the case.

B: They did, but only after Watabe’s book was completed.

A: 這本書實在太讓人著迷了。這本一九五○年代的日本攝影集,拍攝者是渡部雄吉,書名叫《犯罪搜查》。

B: 我看過這本書耶。那位作者獲得特別授權,記錄在東京發生的一件兇殺案。

A: 沒錯。不過很可惜刑警後來沒能夠成功破案。

B: 其實有哦。只是一直等到渡部的書出版以後他們才偵破案情。

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