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A-mei and Bocelli’s duet ‘If Only’ available online
阿妹對唱波伽利 新歌《If Only》創經典

Singers A-mei, left, and Andrea Bocelli perform the world debut of If Only live at the charity concert Celebrity Fight Night on Sept. 6 in Italy.
歌手阿妹(左)和安德烈波伽利,九月六日出席義大利的慈善音樂會「Celebrity Fight Night」,並進行新歌《If Only》的全球現場首唱。

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Invited by Italian pop tenor Andrea Bocelli, Taiwanese pop singer Chang Hui-mei, better known as A-mei, recently recorded a duet entitled If Only with the tenor. The new song, which will feature on Bocelli’s upcoming album set to be released next month, has been available on digital music platforms since last week, before the official launch.

Bocelli, who has been blind since the age of 12, is releasing the album to celebrate his 60th birthday. The crossover artist’s smash hits include Time To Say Goodbye with Sarah Brightman and The Prayer with Celine Dion. He gave high praise to A-mei’s singing voice, saying it was “perfect,” and that he hoped this duet would become his next classic.

If Only is a mix of three languages: Italian, English and Chinese. A-mei spent a month learning the Italian lyrics before the recording so that she would be able to pronounce them flawlessly. Bocelli also invited her to perform the world debut live with him at the charity concert Celebrity Fight Night on Sept. 6 in Italy, and they brought the house down with the duet.

(Eddy Chang, Taipei Times)

受到義大利流行男高音安德烈波伽利的邀請,台灣流行天后張惠妹(阿妹)近日和他合唱《If Only》。歌曲將收錄於波伽利下個月發行的新專輯,而正式發行前,上週起已在數位音樂平台上架。

波伽利自十二歲即雙眼失明,他將推出新專輯慶祝六十大壽。這位跨界藝人的超級金曲包括和莎拉布萊曼合唱的《Time to Say Goodbye》,以及和席琳狄翁合唱的《The Prayer》。波伽利還盛讚阿妹的嗓音「完美」,希望這次合唱能成為他的下一首經典。

新歌《If Only》結合了義大利文、英文、中文三種語言,阿妹在錄音前花了一個月學習義大利文歌詞,務求發音正確。波伽利亦邀請她出席九月六日在義大利的慈善音樂會「Celebrity Fight Night」,並和他一起進行新歌的全球現場首唱,演出更博得滿堂采。



1. tenor n.

男高音 (nan2 gao1 yin1)

2. duet n.

合唱 ; 二重唱 (he2 chang4, er4 chong2 chang4)

3. digital music phr.

數位音樂 (shu4 wei4 yin1 yue4)

4. crossover adj.

跨界的 (kua4 jie4 de5)

5. pronounce v.

發音 (fa1 yin1)

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