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In English, we can talk of an unexpected yet unreplicated success as a “flash in the pan.” The flash refers to the bright spark of ignited gunpowder; the pan refers to the priming pan of a flintlock firearm. When the trigger was pulled the flint would ignite a small amount of gunpowder in the pan, and this spark would then ignite the gunpowder in the main part of the mechanism, which would then propel the bullet from the barrel. If the spark failed to ignite the gunpowder, there would simply be a flash of powder in the pan, but the bullet would stay put.

(Paul Cooper, Taipei Times)

Everyone was hoping we would be able to replicate the success of the product, but it turns out to have been a flash in the pan.


I am determined to prove that I can get another hit song, and that I am not just a flash in the pan.


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