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September issue of ‘Vogue’ magazine shapes global fashion trends
《時尚》九月號重磅登場 引領流行風潮

US singer Beyonce raises her two awards at the Grammy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles, US, on Feb. 12 last year.

Photo: EPA

For fashion magazines, the September issue is the thickest and most important of the year, shaping global fashion trends and elements for the next year. The September issue of Vogue magazine, in particular, is regarded as a “fashion bible.” The production of its September 2007 issue was even made into the documentary “The September Issue.”

In an unprecedented move, for this year’s September issue, Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour gave cover star Beyonce total control of the cover. The US pop diva hired 23-year-old black photographer Tyler Mitchell to photograph the cover, making him the first black photographer to shoot a Vogue cover in the magazine’s126-year history.

Chinese actress Zhou Xun is the cover star for the September issue of the Chinese edition, being featured on a Vogue cover for the seventh time. Meanwhile, the Taiwanese edition is celebrating the year’s biggest fashion month with six different covers, featuring artists Christine Fan, Amber An, Puff Kuo, Nikki Hsieh, Summer Meng, Joanne Tseng and Prince Chiu, respectively.

(Eddy Chang, Taipei Times)






1. issue n.


(qi2, hao4)

2. trend n.


(feng1 chao2)

3. editor-in-chief phr. 總編輯

(zong3 bian1 ji2)

4. unprecedented adj. 破天荒

(po4 tian1 huang1)

5. photographer n.


(she4 ying3 shi1)

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