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A : The recipe says to bake the custard tart for 30 minutes at 200°C.

B : Not for this oven. It’s really fierce. I would recommend setting it to 140°C.

A : Really? That’s a huge difference from the recipe.

B : If you bake it that high for 30 minutes in this oven, you will cremate it.

A : 食譜上寫,這個蛋塔要用攝氏兩百度烤三十分鐘。

B : 這台烤箱做不到!這溫度真的太高了,我建議調到一百四十度就好。

A : 真的嗎?這樣跟食譜差很多耶。

B : 如果你在這台烤箱裡用這麼高的溫度,一定會把它烤成黑炭。

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