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Formosan black bear cub separated from mother to be treated and released back into wild
台灣小黑熊找不到媽媽 先人工照養再野放

A Formosan black bear cub, separated from its mother, is pictured near to Nanan Waterfall in Hualien’s Jhuosi Township on July 30.

Photo courtesy of Forestry Bureau‘s Hualien Office

A Formosan black bear cub that somehow separated from its mother has been spotted wandering around Nanan Waterfall in Hualien’s Jhuosi Township since July 13, arousing the public’s attention. The Forestry Bureau and highway authorities have blocked the access road to prevent people from getting close to the bear, hoping that the little black bear will be reunited with its mother as soon as possible.

However, in the last few days, having found that the cub has become less active and has diarrhea, observers notified a team led by Professor Huang Mei-hsiu of National Pingtung University of Science and Technology to carry out an emergency capture and health check.

The Hualien Office of the Forestry Bureau said on Monday that following an inspection, it was confirmed that the cub had moderate to severe anemia and inflammation and required human care. The Forestry Bureau invited wildlife experts in the county to hold a consultation meeting on July 29, in which academics and experts concluded that the priority was to maintain the health of the bear.

According to the Forestry Bureau, since it would be almost impossible for the cub to survive in the wild alone — and following an assessment that it seems unlikely, for now, that the mother will come back to retrieve the cub — a decision was made to take the cub out of the wild to receive human care for a short period of time. The bear will then be released back into the wild when the situation allows.

However, in the near future, observers will still place the cub’s droppings and play audio recordings of the cub’s sound in the mountainous area near Nanan Waterfall, in addition to setting up infrared automatic cameras to observe if the mother bear returns. As a result, the Nanan Waterfall Trail will remain closed.


1. Formosan black bear phr.

台灣黑熊 (tai2 wan1 hei1 xiong2)

2. cub n.

幼獸 (you4 shou4)

3. diarrhea n.

拉肚子;腹瀉 (la1 du4 zi5; fu4 xie4)

4. release back into the wild phr.

野放 (ye3 fang4)

5. droppings n.

[鳥獸的] 糞便 ([niao3 shou4 de5] fen4 bian4)

Lee Cheng-hsien, deputy director of the Forestry Bureau’s Hualien Office, said that Yushan National Park and its neighboring areas are important habitats for Formosan black bears, and from time to time the bears’ activities have been captured by automatic monitoring cameras and also spotted by people over the years.

The Forestry Bureau urges members of the public that if a Formosan black bear appears, they should keep themselves safe, and refrain from carrying out any activities that are illegal under the Wildlife Conservation Act, such as disturbing, abusing, hunting and killing wild animals or feeding them. Members of the public should also not leave food waste behind in order to maintain the sustainability of the wildlife habitat.

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The Formosan black bear is an endangered wildlife species. It is a carnivorous animal and its most distinctive feature is the yellow-white V-shaped mark on its chest. According to research conducted by Yushan National Park Rangers, Formosan black bears are active during spring and summer at low altitude areas of between 100 and 200 meters, which includes Nanan Waterfall.

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