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A: Welcome back, how was the UK? Where’s my souvenir?

B: The trip was great, but I didn’t have time to buy you anything.

A: You could at least have got me some cologne from the airport.

B: I was late arriving for my flight. I was really pushed for time. I only made it by the skin of my teeth. OK, so I forgot to buy you something.

A: 歡迎回來,英國好玩嗎?我的禮物呢?

B: 這趟旅程超好玩的,只是我沒時間幫你買什麼。

A: 你起碼可以在機場幫我買個古龍水之類的吧。

B: 我到機場時都快要趕不上飛機了,時間非常趕,我差點來不及。好啦,我就是忘記幫你買禮物了。

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