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A: Why are you holding your head at that funny angle?

B: I’ve got a crick in my neck. I think I must have slept in the wrong position.

A: Well, you do insist on having a huge pile of pillows on your bed.

B: I find it difficult to sleep if my head is too low. I need to prop it up.

A: 你為什麼用那麼奇怪的角度撐著頭?

B: 因為我脖子扭到了。我一定是睡覺的姿勢不正確。

A: 嗯,你睡覺都一定要用一堆枕頭。

B: 我覺得如果頭的位置太低就不好睡,我需要把頭墊高一點。

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