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A: Hey, do you know the telephone number of the Taiwan Tongzhi Hotline Association?

B: Let me check. It’s on the hotline’s official Web site: (02) 2392-1970.

A: Thanks. I’m thinking about coming out to my parents and I want to talk to someone about it first.

B: I’m sure the consultants there will give you good advice.

A: 嗨,你知道台灣同志諮詢熱線協會的電話號碼嗎?

B: 讓我查一下…熱線官網上有寫︰(02) 2392-1970。

A: 謝啦!我想向我爸媽出櫃,所以想先跟熱線的人討論一下。

B: 我相信那裡的顧問會給你很好的建議。

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