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A: I forgot I was supposed to be taking my daughter to the hospital today. I didn’t book the day off.

B: Well, just tell the boss it’s an emergency. I’m sure he’ll understand.

A: No, that kind of thing annoys him. But my wife will be angry if I let her down, too.

B: Sounds like you’re caught between the devil and the deep blue sea.

A: 我忘記我今天應該帶女兒去看醫生了。我沒有事先請假。

B: 啊,那你就跟老闆說有緊急事情要處理,我相信他能理解的。

A: 不行,這種事情會讓他很煩。可是如果讓我太太失望,她也會很生氣。

B: 聽起來你真是進退維谷。

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