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A: What are you listening to? It sounds like piano music, but the tuning is a little bit weird.

B: I am listening to the harpsichord pieces by Francois Couperin, a French Baroque composer.

A: Can they be played on a modern piano?

B: Sure, but that would create a completely different soundscape.

A: 你在聽什麼呀?聽起來很像是鋼琴音樂,可是調音好像怪怪的。

B: 我在聽法蘭梭瓦‧庫普蘭的大鍵琴作品,他是一位法國巴洛克作曲家。

A: 他的作品可以用現代的鋼琴彈嗎?

B: 當然呀,不過這樣會產生完全不同的聲音景象。

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