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A: Kingstone Bookstore’s branch on Taipei’s “book street” is closing down next week.

B: The focus of the “book street” has shifted from bookstores to business hotels and food over the past few years.

A: No wonder the landlord decided not to renew the lease.

B: I guess it’s just easier to make money with a new business hotel than a bookshop.

A: 金石堂在台北市「書街」的分店下週即將要關門囉。

B: 近年來,「書街」的重心已轉移到商務旅館和餐飲了。

A: 難怪房東決定不再續約。

B: 嗯,或許把房子改成新商旅,會比書店更賺錢。

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