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Apple takes aim at Facebook’s omnipresent advertising machine








Reading Comprehension

A brief history of Apple

The Apple Computer Company — later renamed Apple Inc — was founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne in the garage of Job’s family home in Los Altos, California. Apple’s first product was the Apple I computer, which lacked a keyboard, monitor and even a casing. The Apple II was released in 1977 and boasted features such as color graphics, floppy disk drive and a spreadsheet program.

Apple’s big breakthrough came in 1984 with the launch of the Apple Macintosh personal computer. The Macintosh was the first mass-market personal computer to feature a graphical user interface and a mouse.

Jobs was forced out of the company in 1985 but returned to Apple in 1997 to rescue the company which had by then fallen into decline. Jobs restructured the company and, together with Apple’s chief designer Jonathan Ive, developed highly successful products such as the iMac, iPod, iPhone and iPad, bringing the company back to profitability. Today Apple is on track to become the world’s first trillion US dollar company.


1. Do you feel comfortable with companies such as Google and Facebook building a file of your online activity, then selling this information to a third party?

2. Is it ethical for Facebook and others to covertly track you online without asking for your permission first?

3. Do you agree with Apple’s strategy of blocking online trackers — and therefore targeted advertising? Could there be any downsides?

(Edward Jones, Taipei Times)

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