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A: Did you know there are pyramids in Sudan? They’re called the Nubian pyramids.

B: I had no idea. I thought only Eygpt had pyramids.

A: So did I, but more than 350 pyramids have been discovered in Sudan, which were the tombs of kings, queens and wealthy individuals of the ancient Kushite kingdoms.

B: Wow, sounds interesting. This could be my next holiday destination.

A: 你知道蘇丹有金字塔嗎?叫做努比亞金字塔。

B: 我不知道耶,我以為只有埃及有金字塔。

A: 我也以為。可是在蘇丹發現了三百五十多個金字塔,墓主是古庫施王國的國王、王后和有錢人。

B: 哇。好有趣啊。我下次旅行會想去那裡。

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