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Taiwanese student Sun An-tso waives right to hearing
台灣學生孫安佐 拋棄預審拼撤罪

Taiwanese student Sun An-tso, left, appears at the Upper Darby Police Department in Pennsylvania for the court hearing of his case on Wednesday last week.

Photo: CNA

Taiwanese student Sun An-tso, also known as Edward Sun, was arrested by the Upper Darby Police Department in Pennsylvania in late March for making “terroristic threats” that he would shoot up his school, and for possessing “instruments of crime.” Sun’s pre-trial court hearing on the case was held at the police department on Wednesday last week.

The son of TV show host Sun Peng and actress Di Ying, Sun’s case has attracted much attention in both Taiwan and the US. Sun’s attorney Robert Keller said at the event his client would like to waive his right to a hearing. Keller said during an interview the decision was made in the hopes of a quid pro quo agreement to have the charge of possessing “instruments of crime” dropped.

According to forensic scientist Henry Lee, who is Sun’s idol, waiving his right to a hearing to enter a plea deal with prosecutors may be the best solution if there is sufficient evidence. Meanwhile, according to the court’s latest announcement, his formal arraignment is already scheduled for May 23.

(CNA, translated by Eddy Chang)






terroristic threat phr.


(kong3 bu4 wei1 xie2)

instrument of crime phr.


(fan4 zui4 gong1 ju4)

hearing n.


(yu4 xun3; ting1 zheng4)

waive v.


(pao1 qi4)

arraignment n.


(ti2 shen3; chuan2 xun4)

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