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A: The most ridiculous thing just happened. As I was getting out of the elevator, two people barged in without waiting and completely blocked my path.

B: That’s unbelievable, some people are just so impatient.

A: It gets worse. Because of them, I couldn’t get out in time and missed my floor.

B: If that had happened to me, I would have completely lost it.

A: 最扯的事剛剛發生了,我要出電梯的時候,有兩個人不等我們出去就衝進來,完全擋住我的出路。

B: 真是難以置信,有些人就是這麼沒耐心。

A: 更慘的是,就因為這樣,我來不及在我那層樓出電梯。

B: 如果是我遇到這種事,我就會氣壞了。

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