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Taiwanese trainees stand out in hit reality show “Idol Producer”
「偶像練習生」決賽 台灣選手拼出道

Taiwanese trainee Leo Chen makes a half heart-shaped gesture in this undated photo retaken from his Weibo page, asking fans to complete the shape with him.

Photo: Chen Hui-ling, Liberty Times

“Idol Producer,” a hit boy group reality show on the online video platform iQiyi, held its final contest on Friday last week. Among the three Taiwanese “trainees” that advanced to the final round, Leo Chen and Evan Lin stood out, while Jeffrey Tung lost the chance to enter showbiz.

Chen, a 17-year-old Taiwanese boy nicknamed “Nong Nong,” has proved popular because of his sunny disposition. He managed to attract more than 20 million votes from fans in the final round and was ranked No. 2. Meanwhile, Web celebrity Cai Xukun was ranked first and Adam Fan, younger brother of actress Fan Bingbing, came third.

In the final round, the top nine contestants emerged from the 100 trainees announced to officially enter showbiz as a new boy group — “Nine Percent.” Group members included Justin Huang at No. 4, and Zhu Zhengting, Wang Ziyi, Xiao Gui and You Zhangjing at Nos. 6 through 9.

(Liberty Times, translated by Eddy Chang)



而在一百位練習生當中,在總決賽上獲勝的前九名也宣布,組成全新男團「Nine Percent」正式出道。團員還包括第四名的Justin(黃明昊)、第六名至第九名的朱正廷、王子異、小鬼(王琳凱)和尤長靖。



1. platform n.


(ping2 tai2)

2. trainee n.


(lian4 xi2 sheng1)

3. stand out phr.


(tuo1 ying3 er2 chu1)

4. showbiz n.


(yu2 le4 quan1)

5. Web celebrity phr.


(wan3 hong2)

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