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A: Will you go to visit your ancestors’ graves on tomb sweeping day?

B: Yes, every year my family goes to sweep my great-grandfather’s grave.

A: My family does the same, but we often don’t have enough gloves and sickles to clear away all the weeds.

B: Be careful, don’t try to burn off the weeds, it could start a fire.

A: 你們清明節會去掃墓嗎?

B: 我們家族每年都會一起去掃我曾祖父的墓。

A: 我們家也是,而且帶去的手套和鐮刀常常不夠用,因為雜草很多。

B: 那你們小心,不要把雜草燒掉,免得造成火災。

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