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A: Look out: dog doo. Ah, too late. You’ve already stepped in it.

B: Oh for heaven’s sake, it’s all over my new shoes.

A: There’s the culprit: Do you see that labrador and its owner across the road?

B: Please don’t cause a scene. I’ll just find a patch of grass to wipe it off.

A: 小心,有狗屎!啊,來不及了,你已經踩到了。

B: 天哪,我的新鞋子上都是屎!

A: 罪魁禍首就在那裡,你看到那隻拉布拉多和牠的主人了嗎?

B: 好了啦不用跟他吵,我找一片草皮把它擦掉就好了。

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