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A: I’ve been down with flu for a week now. These antibiotics don’t do any good.

B: Antibiotics won’t cure flu. They fight infections caused by bacteria, not viruses.

A: Maybe it’s not the flu, then. Maybe it’s just a bad cold.

B: Colds are viruses, too. I think you should change your doctor.

A: 我已經感冒生病一個禮拜了。這些抗生素一點都沒有效。

B: 抗生素是沒辦法治流行性感冒的,因為抗生素只能對抗細菌感染,不能治病毒。

A: 那這樣可能不是流感,可能只是嚴重的感冒。

B: 感冒也是病毒引起的。我覺得你應該換其他醫生看看。

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